ACTION ALERT: Help us end NYPD racial profiling

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 22, the City Council is set to make history by voting to end the NYPD’s use of racial and bias-based profiling. We need your help to make sure the Council keeps its promise.

Please call these Council Members and tell them to vote YES on the Community Safety Act:

Council Member Karen Koslowitz: (718) 544-8800
Council Member Elizabeth Crowley: (718) 366-3900

Sample script:

"I am calling to ask the Council Member to vote YES on the Community Safety Act. Too many people in my neighborhood and in my family have been stopped and frisked by police officers for no reason. In fact, 90% of the time, stops lead to people who have done nothing wrong. Vote YES on the Community Safety Act and stand up for our civil rights."


In addition to outlawing racial profiling by the NYPD, the Community Safety Act would give New Yorkers new important protections:

  • All New Yorkers (now including immigrant, LGBT and homeless New Yorkers) will have the right to take their case to court if they have been the victim of racial profiling.
  • Like other major cities, NYC will get an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and ensure transparency and accountability to our communities.

We are very close to winning, but we need your help to ensure that these Council Members vote YES tomorrow.

For over 15 years, Make the Road members have stood up against NYPD injustice in our streets and in our schools. We believe all people -- regardless of their race, age, immigration status, housing status, gender identity, or sexual orientation -- deserve to live in their communities without fear of NYPD discrimination, harassment or abuse.

Earlier this summer, our coalition helped the City Council pass this legislation by a majority large enough to override Mayor Bloomberg’s veto. Now, we need to hold these Council Members to their word and override his veto tomorrow so the Community Safety Act will become the law.

Racial and bias-based profiling affects our communities every day. If you do one thing day to stand up for justice for your community, please take 2 minutes to make these calls:

Council Member Karen Koslowitz: (718) 544-8800
Council Member Elizabeth Crowley: (718) 366-3900

Thank you for helping us make civil rights history,

Ana Maria Archila


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