Tenants Unite to Address NYC’s Housing Crisis

Most New Yorkers are acutely aware of our city’s housing crisis. During the last 12 years of the Bloomberg administration, low- and middle-income families alike have become intimately acquainted with the myriad problems in our city’s housing systems, including living in unsafe conditions, facing abuse from a landlord, being displaced by the rising cost of rent, or losing a home to foreclosure.

The 2013 Mayoral and City Council elections present New Yorkers with the chance to shape the city’s housing policies and to convince incoming elected officials to take bold steps to create and preserve affordable housing.

Last week, Make the Road New York and our partners in the Our City, Our Homes coalition organized the People’s Housing Convention, bringing together more than 400 tenants from across New York City to ratify our housing platform for the 2013 city-wide race and launch a series of grassroots campaigns to highlight each of these key issues:

  1. Improving Code Enforcement
  2. Committing to a Real Affordability Development Policy
  3. Improving and Preserving the Public Housing Stock in NYC
  4. Promoting Homeownership Opportunities and Preventing Foreclosure

Click here to sign on to our platform and help us make quality affordable housing a top priority for our next mayor.

Over the last 7 years, MRNY and our allies have won concrete reforms to strengthen enforcement and improve housing conditions for our city’s low-income tenants. Now MRNY is taking the lead to expand these successful pilot programs and push for a full scale upgrade of our city’s housing code enforcement.

Without adequate enforcement, landlords often refuse to carry out much-needed repairs, forcing vulnerable tenants to either endure unsafe housing conditions or vacate affordable units. This allows landlords to drive up rents and contribute to the gentrification, displacement and destabilization of our neighborhoods.

We must make safe, decent, and affordable housing a cornerstone of this year’s elections so families of all income levels can afford to live here and continue to make NYC a city of opportunity, diversity and vibrancy.

Sign on to our platform today and look out for our mayoral candidates housing forum in June when we will present this platform!

-Javier H. Valdés, Co-Executive Director, Make the Road New York


Make the Road New York is proud to be a member of Our City, Our Homes, a broad coalition of neighborhood and citywide organizations working together to advance a progressive housing agenda in 2013 and beyond.



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