Supreme Court fails to uphold DAPA & expanded DACA

Today the Supreme Court failed to uphold DAPA & expanded DACA. While today’s split decision sets no Supreme Court precedent, these important, commonsense policies will unfortunately remain blocked nationwide thanks to the overreach by a single district court judge in Texas and the partisan obstruction of opponents in Congress. The fact remains, DAPA and DACA+ are commonsense programs that are lawful, constitutional, and consistent with decades of actions taken by presidents of both parties.

The Supreme Court had an opportunity to provide clarity and guidance for the nation. Instead, they have failed to provide this service to the American people, and our communities will continue to suffer as a result.
Today’s deadlock is a setback for immigrant families, we will explore all legal options at our disposal. Make the Road New York members, immigrants in New York and around the country, along with the movement behind them, have been fighting for dignity for many years. We will not stop until every member of our community can live in dignity, without fear of being separated from their families.

We are confident that this case will end up back at the Supreme Court, before a full panel of justices who can render a clear decision.  Unfortunately, this will not be a quick process and many families will needlessly suffer in the interim.

While today’s erroneous outcome is deeply disappointing, it does not impact the original DACA program announced in 2012, which was not at issue in this case.

Our opponents are playing politics with the court in order to avoid losing cases, and we the people cannot let them get away with this. This is all about politics for our opponents, but for us, it’s personal. We know that justice will eventually prevail. We will never forget the lengths our opponents went to tear our families apart and demean our communities. We will continue to fight, stronger than ever, at the federal, state, and local levels in 2016.

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