MRNY Youth on the Daily Show to Talk Stop-and-Frisk

Did you see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night? Make the Road’s youth leader Damont Dillard joined correspondent Jason Jones for a witty yet pointed conversation about racial profiling and its debilitating effects on young people of color in New York City.

Beyond the satire however, Damont and his fellow members of the Communities United for Police Reform coalition were there for an important reason. Last week, the U.S. District Court heard closing arguments in the very first federal class action lawsuit (Floyd vs. the City of New Yorkchallenging the NYPD's unlawful and discriminatory practice of stop-and-frisk.

Five million New Yorkers like Damont have been illegally stopped and frisked since Bloomberg took office. Last year, 533,042 New Yorkers in total were stopped -- 87% were black or Latino and 40% of those were young men. The number of stops has skyrocketed 230% in the last decade, yet the NYPD's gun recovery rate from stops increased only .02% during that time.

Young people at MRNY have been organizing for 15 years to make our streets and schools safe by working to end misguided policies like these that unfairly criminalize people of color, youth, and immigrants. Last fall, we also released a study revealing how the NYPD discriminates against LGBTQ New Yorkers. Since our partners at the Center for Constitutional Rights brought the Floyd case to trial 10 weeks ago, members of MRNY and dozens of other community and legal groups have held actions outside the courthouse and given personal testimony on stop-and-frisk's wide-reaching impacts. 

If you or someone you know, age 18-25, has been stopped and frisked by police, you can help by taking part in our survey. Data gathered will be used to create smart proposals to reform the NYPD and end racial profiling. Please share this link with anyone who may want to participate. 

Thank you for supporting our work and we hope you enjoy our interview and the Daily Show's tongue-in-cheek insight on this important issue!

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