Immigrant New Yorkers Celebrate President Obama's Administrative Action Announcement to Protect Immigrant Families

Policy estimated to shield millions from deportation, keep families together 

Today, New Yorkers celebrated President Obama's announcement of administrative action to protect millions of undocumented immigrant from senseless deportations.  The President's new policy, which will provide deferred action to undocumented parents and families of United States citizens, will provide a needed reprieve for millions of families and enable immigrant families to stay together. Make the Road New York (MRNY) and its members in New York City and Long Island gathered to watch and celebrate the announcement, while re-affirming their commitment to fighting for the same protections and a path to citizenship for all eleven million undocumented immigrants. MRNY members issued the following statements:



Senén Vásquez, an undocumented immigrant in Westbury, who has a child who is a US citizen and will likely benefit from the new policy, stated, "I came here for my family, because of the poverty and violence in my country. My family has faced many challenges here in the United States because of my immigration status.  The President's announcement tonight gives me confidence that I won't be separated from my family. And the hope of obtaining a social security number, which would allow me to get a job and better provide for my kids, gives me a sense of security." 


Lucy Castillo, a Make the Road New York member from Brentwood with two US-citizen children who will likely qualify for the new executive action, said, "I live in fear every day that, as I'm walking down the street or driving my car, I will be stopped, detained and separated from my family. This new policy will help take away that fear and ensure that I am able to stay with my children."


Jorge Cedillo, a Make the Road New York member from Queens whose undocumented wife has US-citizen children and will likely benefit from the policy, affirmed, "The policy that the President is announcing, as I understand it, would greatly help my wife and my oldest son who currently live in fear of deportation.  This would keep my family together, and that's the most important thing for us. And I also hope that the President and Congress can work to ensure that all undocumented immigrants are protected and have a path to citizenship, and I'm going to keep fighting until that happens."


Lina Pacio, an undocumented transgender woman from Queens who will not likely benefit from the policy, said, "With the new executive action from the President I feel excluded because I'm from the LGBTQ community and likely will not benefit because I do not have US citizen children. I'm disappointed that the executive action will not include all eleven million undocumented immigrants in this country and their family. Our struggle will continue!"


Make the Road New York will begin screening community members for eligibility immediately, as the first step in helping community members apply for relief. Community members can visit

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