Help NYC Renters "Build it Back"

"We want to move back to our community but we can't without rental assistance." - MRNY member Lulu Vasquez


On Sandy's one-year anniversary, not enough of the federal recovery aid has reached low-income and immigrant New Yorkers who need it most. Without sufficient affordable housing options or rental assistance, community members are living in precarious situations and paying exorbitant rents -- some paying up to 70% of their income in rent.

The deadline to apply for federal relief, administered through the City's Build it Back program, is TODAY, Thursday, October 31, and yet because of misinformation, confusion and obstacles to enrollment, many and perhaps most eligible renters have been unable to register.

Help us meet our goal of 200 signatures and sign our letter to make the Build it Back program deliver for Sandy affected renters:



To the Mayor's Office of Housing Recovery Operations:

We request that NYC Recovery and the Build it Back Program officially extend the deadline for applications by one year, to September 30, 2014. This extension is critical in order to ensure that more renters, who to date have been underrepresented in the registration process are able to register for Build it Back and get the assistance they need to support their families.

While some New Yorkers have already registered there are many others who may be eligible, but who have not yet registered. These are often the most vulnerable New Yorkers who are the more difficult to reach.

In a city of renters, and where renters are more likely to be low-income and people of color than homeowners, to prematurely cut off the Build it Back program would disproportionately harm these populations.


Para la oficina de operaciones para la recuperación de vivienda de la alcaldía:

Solicitamos que la recuperación de Nueva York y el programa Build It Back extienda  oficialmente la fecha límite para las solicitudes por un año, el 30 de septiembre de 2014. Esta extensión es muy importante para asegurar que más inquilinos, que hasta la fecha han sido poco representados en el proceso de registro pueden inscribirse en Build it Back y obtener la ayuda que necesitan para mantener a sus familias.

Mientras que algunos neoyorquinos ya se han inscrito, hay muchos que pueden ser elegibles, pero que aún no se han inscrito. Estos son a menudo los neoyorquinos más vulnerables y a los que cuesta más trabajo llegar.

En una ciudad de inquilinos, donde los inquilinos son más de bajos ingresos y personas de color que propietarios de viviendas, cortar el programa Build it Back perjudica de manera desproporcionada a este sector de la población.


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Sign the petition: Help NYC Renters "Build it Back"
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Es lamentable que ya se cumpla un año del desastre y la situación no haya mejorado. Definitivamente las familias afectadas necesitan más ayuda para que puedan salir adelante.
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Sign the petition: Help NYC Renters "Build it Back"
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Many low-income renters still don’t know they can apply or were turned away by 311!!! We need more time to do outreach!!!
signed 2013-10-31 12:12:01 -0400
signed via 2013-10-31 12:09:45 -0400
Our student volunteers have been working throughout this past year with families affected by the storm, assisting both with legal needs and on rebuilding projects. So much work remains to be done! Please extend the deadline for so many of these families who are still in need. Thank you!
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