Building Momentum for Election 2013


On Sunday, immigrant and working class New Yorkers made their voices heard in the elections to decide New York City's next mayor.

More than 700 low-wage workers, parents, youth and immigrant families joined our 5th Annual Membership Assembly where we pressed the mayoral candidates to speak on the issues most important to immigrant and working class New Yorkers. Special thank you to the candidates who joined us: Sal Albanese, Bill DeBlasio, John Liu, Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, and Anthony Weiner!

This election is critical for our communities. That's why on Sunday we introduced our 2013 platform, "Building a Future with Respect and Dignity", and we asked candidates to tell us how they will protect the rights of low-wage workers, expand affordable housing, promote respectful policing, end the criminalization of young people of color, and improve services to immigrant and low-income families. WATCH our campaign platform video:

All the candidates on Sunday indicated support for our priorities, but with varying levels of commitment. We will keep the pressure on candidates to specify how they will expand economic and political opportunity for working class and immigrant New Yorkers -- and we will hold them to their word. Over the next months MRNY will mobilize the 12,000 Latino and African American voters we registered last year, and register thousands more to ensure that our voices are strongly represented at the ballot box in September and November.

The 2013 elections represent the most exciting opportunity in years to make sure that those who govern our city will use their power to protect the dignity of all people and promote policies that respect and value our contributions. With your help, we will make sure our communities seize this moment!

Watch the video and help us build a future for NYC with Respect and Dignity!

Si se puede!

- Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director

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