Jolie Terrazas

Tell Gov. Cuomo and State Lawmakers: Raise the Wage for All Minimum Wage Workers


On April 2, after more than a year of organizing by our labor-community-faith coalition, Governor Cuomo signed into law an increase in New York State’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour over the next three years. 1.5 million working New Yorkers will see $2 billion added to their paychecks as a  result—a real step forward for economic fairness in New York.

But we’re not done yet. After restaurant lobbyists tried to block a raise for tipped restaurant workers—a high-poverty workforce that is predominantly women and people of color—we won a commitment from the governor to raise their wages through a Labor Department wage board.

Now we need your help to ensure all minimum wage workers get their raise:

GOAL: 200 signatures

Sign our petition to tell Gov. Cuomo and  state lawmakers to:

  • Appoint the wage board immediately so NY’s tipped workforce does not miss out on millions of dollars to which they are entitled.
  • Raise NY’s tipped wage up to the full minimum wage rate, as 7 other states have already done. New York must be a national leader on economic justice and pay equity.
  • Repeal the wasteful tax giveaway to corporations like Walmart and McDonald’s that special interests slid into the minimum wage deal. The tax credit creates dangerous incentives to replace adult workers with students and to keep pay frozen at the minimum wage—the last thing NY’s workers need.

Jolie Terrazas

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